Updated photos of Bella Vista

Weather is gorgeous in Cyprus at the moment.  BBQs in full swing, flowers in bloom and sun of course is shining brightly!

Here are some updated photos of Bella Vista taken last week – 7th May 2014

Views from Paphos harbour3 Paphos harbour views2 The moon Nighttime at Bella3 Nighttime at Bella2 Nighttime at Bella Panoramic view from Bella Views from Bella2 Views from Bella St Nikolas Church near Bella Vista Lemon trees Church in Chlorakas Chloraka village Rear pathway at back of house leading to sea front View from back garden View from terrace3 Terrace View from balcony3 View from balcony2 Sunset view9 Sunset view8 Sunset view7 Sunset view6 Sunset view5 Sunset view4 Sunset view3 View from balcony View from terrace2 View from terrace Bella terrace2 Bella views3 Bella views2 Bella terrace Bella views Sunset view2 Sunset views paphos harbour5 Sunset views paphos harbour4 Sunset views paphos harbour3 Sunset views paphos harbour2 Sunset views paphos harbour Paphos harbour views Sunset view


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